Wednesday, January 28, 2009

express your longing in artphotography

dear friends ,
iam nirmala savadekar , an fine art photographer from India. today , iam ready to share some of my experience , enthusiasm , with you people , who are interested in working on a theme . many photographers and non photographers long to express thro photography .it can be a great outlet for your feelings . the photographer gives a meaning to what he , she sees .
this expression , when manifests on photos , gives tremendous satisfaction, not worth saying in words . so , friends , thro this workshop of mine , i wish to bring likeminded people together ,show some of my themes , allow the participants to freely choose their theme , their true longing ,and what prevents them from expressing this inner longing by some exerecises, so the barriers are broken , the participants become free of accepted norms and search for their own meaning and direction, seek their own creativity with great respect . by this way they can unburden themselves and learn to be true to their own language and personality