Sunday, September 20, 2009

my new exhibition at

Dear Friends ,
This time Im showing two of my themes Luminous n Polkadots at above gallery .

All the images are in Chrysotype . its an alternative printing method or historic method now eclipsed.

Dr Mike Ware rediscoverd this process which was not stable when Sir Herschel invented.
I had the good fortune to learn this process last year with him , where I printed my Polkadots theme with him. the Luminous is also printed by him.I was the first Asian to learn it from him. Very few people in the world do this process.

Here , gold is used , hence the longetivity of the image is the best , but also expensive due to use of gold .

It would be wise to tell that these images dont look like Indian Tanjuvure gold paintings . the images take are in b/w n take a slight ,purple , greenish ,magenta hue , as per the humidity in the darkroom .

I personally like b/w tone , so I like to maintain the humidity of the paper n darkroom as required .

Its total hand process, so the title of my exhibition is chiropoesis ,where the implied meaning being poetry of hand .

The paper is special, made as per the instruction of Dr Ware ,only once in a year France .

The paper is then coated with gold n other chemicals , in subdued light ,its dried. A digital negative is made on a spl plastic sheet on epson multicolor printer in reverse.
So if one wants 10x12 image then we will require 10x12 negative , so on n so forth .

The negative is kept pressed to paper ,on the uv light box , where it will be exposed to uv light . This coating is sensitive to uv light only .Then the paper thus exposed is developed in the required chemicals in different trays . The paper is then dried naturally .Its necessary to maintain the required humidity n a machine is used to help maintain .

The Platinum Palladium method is also similar ,due to use of Paladium the image becomes warmer .I also have my Luminous Images in Platinum paladium n they simply rock . I will be exhibiting soon in India .
Little about my themes

Luminous and Polkadots

Nirmala Savadekar , a , dedicated Fine Art Photographer, from Pune, INDIA, her photos on invitation were called for a benefit auction where the participants were , with respect , Alfred Steiglitz, weegee, w.Eugene Smith , to name a few .

Her photo is in collection of an international collector, who collects worlds most creative photographs.

Her photo is in collection of Samuel Dorsky museum.She has had a succesful commercial Photography carreer won 7 CEAD awrds.creative excellence n advertsing n design .But now is fully dedicated to Photography as an art form .

About her recent work ....

Minimalism,is seen in her recent work ,Luminous ,where only streaks of light are image itself, which she thinks is the culmination of her spiritual longing.

It is her spiritual n aesthetic homecoming.

As if what she was searching ,is being found.

She started with Photographing Shadows,n as life unfolded , great realisation dawned upon her ,that shadows exist only ,because there is light .

She ,longs ,now ,for simplicity in her life n in her images too.

She felt Luminous series can be best expressed in CHRYSOTYPE, as the series is almost monochromatic.

Her second series , is a result of her crazy fascination for Polkadots ,on her travel to London city in 2007,she fancied Polka dots ,n started seeing them everywhere , as,she walked on streets.

Hence, a, series was the outcome . These ,show her love to capture graphic like images .

These 12 images are a small section ,a cohesive set of this theme. again in chrysotype , which she printed along with DR Mike Ware.

Dear Friends ,

if wish to know anything else let me know . The images will displayed at the gallery website .bye for now .Nirmala

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

express your longing in artphotography

dear friends ,
iam nirmala savadekar , an fine art photographer from India. today , iam ready to share some of my experience , enthusiasm , with you people , who are interested in working on a theme . many photographers and non photographers long to express thro photography .it can be a great outlet for your feelings . the photographer gives a meaning to what he , she sees .
this expression , when manifests on photos , gives tremendous satisfaction, not worth saying in words . so , friends , thro this workshop of mine , i wish to bring likeminded people together ,show some of my themes , allow the participants to freely choose their theme , their true longing ,and what prevents them from expressing this inner longing by some exerecises, so the barriers are broken , the participants become free of accepted norms and search for their own meaning and direction, seek their own creativity with great respect . by this way they can unburden themselves and learn to be true to their own language and personality